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These are some maps I've drawn for web page displays.
About Dan's WWW Maps
Coordinate Conversion
Map By Dan Pfeiffer
Fairport Harbor
Map By Dan Pfeiffer
GRSC Race Course
Map By Dan Pfeiffer
GRSC Course W/Bearings
Map By Dan Pfeiffer
Cleveland Area
Map By Dan Pfeiffer
Pearson 26 Owners
Map By Dan Pfeiffer
Pearson 26 PHRF Ratings

Track Log Maps

Map By Dan Pfeiffer
Pyxis Trip - August, 1997
Map By Dan Pfeiffer
Falcon Cup - August 16, 1997
Map By Dan Pfeiffer
August 29, 1997

Air Photos
Mapping Books
GIS / Mapping Sites
The Continental Drift Cam
Weather Sites
Jeff Taipale's Virtual Fairport Harbor, Ohio

Link Pages to NOS Map Server Data
These pages link directly to selected NOAA chart scans and coastal air photos on the NOS map server. The map server can be a little difficult to navigate and a bit slow if there is a lot of traffic. I made these pages to get to the charts and photos of particular areas faster. The map scans are low resolution and not sutied to navigation but they are great for planning and day dreaming. The air photo pages have some annotations for those I have been able to identify. If you can identify any without annotations
email me and I'll add it. More charts and air photos can be found on the NOS Map Finder web site:

G r e a t     L a k e s
Lake Erie
Lake Champlain & Ontario
Detroit River and L. St CLair
Michigan - Straights of Mackinaw Area

E a s t     C o a s t
North Carolina
Chesapeake Bay
Raritan Bay - Long Island Sound
Rhode Island
Buzzards Bay, Vinyard Sound, Cape Cod, New Hampshire

W e s t     C o a s t
Pacific NW

Coastal Air Photos
Lake Erie
North Carolina - Albemarle Sound - Coastal Air Photos
Chesapeake Bay, Maryland Waters
Chesapeake Bay - Virginia

Jim Tomlin's page of Chesapeake Bay Coordinates

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