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D & R Marine, Inc
31J Mill Street
P.O. Box 921
Assonet, MA 02702

OEM Parts
Specializing in Pearson and Cal parts.
Large inventory of new and used parts (e.g. rudder bearings, hatches, tillers, OEM hinges).
D&R has new P26 rudders with stainless shafts.
D&R bought a lot of the Pearson inventory when they folded in the early 90's.

Rig-Rite Inc.
63 Centerville Rd.
Warwick, R.I. 02886 USA
401-739-1149 (fax)

Specializing in hard to find and discontinued parts as well as rigging.
Rig-Rite reportedly spent a lot of money at the Pearson auction.
The have replacement mast sections for the P26 and others and much of the OEM hardware.
They also have traveler parts, turnbuckles and OEM type fittings.

DC Products

Spars and Parts Fabrication
DC Products is Dick Conti who used to be the general manager of Metalmast Marine. Metalmast Marine was the supplier of OEM masts for the P26 and many other Pearsons. Dick can fabricate mast riser steps and emergency tillers and othersuch components.

Catalina Direct

Window Gaskets
In the 1970's and early 80's Catalina used the same aluminum window frame extrusions as Pearson for the fixed ports. Catalina Direct sells the sealing gaskets and the trim gasket (for inside frame) by the foot.

Foss Foam Products of Florida, Inc.
7060 HWY 41 North
Willistin, FL. 32696
352-529-1106 fax
Al Walker

P26 Rudder
Foss Foam has a mold to make replacement P26 rudders. The mold is based on a Morgan rudder and is a couple of inches shorter then the OEM P26 rudder. The Foss rudder is a fiberglass shell over a high density closed cell polyurethane foam. The shaft is 302 stainless with a plate welded on. The rudder is 10-15 lbs lighter then the OEM.

New contact info 2/16/2001

Rigging Only
50 Fort St.
Fairhaven, MA. 02719
508-992-0488 Fax

Hours: M-F 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time

Not Pearson specific but if you need to replace a toggle or any other odd piece of rigging, Rigging Only is likely to have it. Great web site too.

Florida Marine Tanks, Inc
16480 NW 48th Avenue
Miami, Florida 33014
Phone 305-620-9030

Florida Marine Tanks provided OEM tanks for some Pearsons (e.g. 28-1, 422). Contact them to see it they have drawings of your installation.

Tops In Quality, Inc.
314 East Huron Boulevard
P. O. Box 148
Marysville, MI 48084
Tel: 810-364-7150
Fax: 810-364-7925

Tops In Quality has stanchions which are reported to be exact replacements for those on some Pearsons for about $30 each.

Beckson Marine Inc.
165 Holland Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06605
203-384-6954 Fax

Ports / Windows
Beckson was the supplier for some of the Pearson OEM ports. They have a good web site. A Pearson owner said they have records of what ports where used when and can make replacements at a reasonable cost.

Bomon Marine
1855 a Bouol. Industriel
Chomedey, Laval, Quebec H7S 1P5

Ports / Windows
A Pearson owner reported that Bomon, a fabricator of marine windows, can make replacement windows that are a very close match to the large OEM fixed ports on the P26 and P30 (and maybe others?). They are fabricated from aluminum extrusions.

Bacon & Associates, Inc
116 Legion Ave
Annapolis, MD 21401

Used Parts and Sails
Used and new parts. Used sails.
Not specifically Pearson parts but I have seen lots of the original make fittings used by Pearson (e.g. gooseneck, blocks, track, light fixtures).

Ocean Link, Inc.

An excellent source of replacement tanks with detailed dimension info for all sorts of tank shapes. Excellent web site. Custom tanks made to order.

Replacement Engine Guages
An excellent source of replacement engine monitoring guages, sending units and wiring kits. They carry VDO marine guages which were common OEM on Pearsons. Excellent web site.

Wilcox & Crittenden
860-447-1170 fax

Head Rebuild Kits
Wilcox & Crittenden was one of the main suppliers of marine heads for Pearson. A rebuild kit for the Head Mate (kit #1520) that was installed on my P26 can be bought direct from them for about $40.00. West Marine charges almost $70 for some unknown reason. A brand new Head Mate is $130.

The Walter Machine Co. Inc.
84 Cambridge Ave.
Jersey City, NJ
201-656-0318 Fax

V-Drive Rebuild Kits
Several Pearsons (e.g. 323, 10M (W/Volvo MD11), 365, 40, 424) have Walter v-drives installed. Walter Machine is has a helpful staff that will guide you through the rebuild of your v-drive. Give them the serial number and they will tell you what parts they have ever sold for your particular unit. All the parts are still available and you can buy a brand new unit (about $1,750 for the RV10). A rebuild kit containing bearings, seals, and gaskets is about $225.

Vosbury Marine
1656 Homewood Landing Rd.
Annapolis, MD
410-757-0935 fax

Volvo Engine Parts
Some Pearsons (e.g. 10M, 323) were powered with Volvo engines. Dick Vosbury knows everything about these engines. He is a full service shop and parts supplier.

Farymann Diesel U.S.A.
870 Route 530
Whiting, N.J. 08759

Parts for Farymann diesel engines
Some Pearsons in the easrly-mid 70's had Farymann diesel engines.
More parts info

H&L Marine Inc.
2965 E. Harcourt
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90221
323-636-1720 Fax

Fabricator of wood components. Custom tillers, drawer kits, hatch boards, etc.
This shop has an excellent reputation among the Pearson Owners group on Sailnet.

The Scale Model Co
PO Box 755
Menominee, MI 49858
715-582-5074 fax

Pearson Models
The Scale Model Co can make half hulls and full models of many Pearsons. See this page for the Pearsons they can make models of: Pearson Models

Trident Studio
61 W Narragansett Ave
Newport, RI 02840
Andrew Burton

Half Hull Models
Trident can make half hulls of almost all the Pearson models. The half hulls are 1:24 scale, painted to your specs and mounted on a varnished cherry backboard.

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