Pearson 30 Maintenance Notes
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Maintenance Notes
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P30 Wiring charts #1 | #2 | #3
Rudder Bushings
Early P30's (in the first year or two?) had aluminum rudder shafts that are subject to wear and corrosion. Pearson apparantly issued a recall and replaced these with stainless shafts but it is unknown if all were retrofitted.

The delrin bushings for the shaft are available from D&R Marine. See the parts page for contact info.

Tiller to Wheel Conversion
See these pages on the Edson site for more info:
Edson Web Site ...Wheel Systems
Edson tiller to wheel conversion page
Edson example data sheet for a P30 ...Same rudder configuration as the P26

Some excellent stern rail seats

P30 Masthead Sheave Box
The sheave box shown here (1976 P30 #917) is removable. It has a flange that sits in the top of the mast extrusion. There are screws that hold it in place.