Fitting a Yanmar Diesel Under the Cockpit
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This drawing shows how a Yanmar 1GM10 engine might be fit under the cockpit. I have no intention of doing this. I made this drawing in response to a discussion with other P26 owners about the feasability. I think if you need an inboard engine you should look for a different boat. It would likely cost 4-7,000 dollars to do this conversion with a new motor. The value of the boat would go up by 1-2,000 I think. The added systems complexity to the boat would be a high price too. And you would loose some excellent storage space under the cockpit.

Some P26s were equiped with inboards engines. I know of one in Florida that was formerly owned by the Annapolis Sailing School. I know of a P26OD with an inboard and a saildrive type unit that looks like the bottom end of an outboard.

1981 P26OD #232 - Click for Enlarged Image Some P26s were fitted with inboard engines. This OD (#232) has a primitive looking sail drive unit about 3 feet ahead of the rudder. I'm glad I'm not dragging that thing around under my boat.
P26 Interior Layout Drawing
Space Under Cockpit
Companionway Step
Engine Page
Engine Well