Re-Configuring the Locker Under the V-Berth
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The locker space under the v-berth is poorly utilized and largely occupied by the 12 gallon holding tank and 20 gallon water tank. I have a plan to relocate the water tank to the aft dinette locker and re-configure the v-berth locker. I will remove the OEM water tank (which we rarely use and never fill) and install a 10 gallon tank in the aft dinette locker and possibly an additional 6 gallon tank in the aft settee locker if we need the added capacity. The water tank will be filled through an onboard filter system (See the description of the dockside pressure water system). The tank is a Todd 9 gallon 17" x 14" x 10" overall. It fit through the locker access hatch with about 2mm of clearance.

I will cut out the water and holding tank framing under the v-berth and re-locate the holding tank forward about 26 inches (it is currently at the very aft end of the locker). I will enclose it in a sealed box of 1/4" plywood with an overboard vent (in addition to the tank vent). I will enclose the space aft of the re-located holding tank with a floor and sides and make an opening in the bulkhead under the v-berth doorway. This space will be very large and a good place to store clothes bags, sleeping bags, life jackets and things of that nature. I may also make a long enclosure on the starboard side that runs forward beside the holding tank (if there's room) to store long items like boathooks and oars with access from the bulkhead opening.

P26 Interior Layout Drawing
Interior Photo Looking Aft
Interior Photo Looking Forward

6/23/99 - The first steps of this project have been completed. I have removed tanks and tank framing and re-located the speedo impeller to a spot under the v-berth. Soon I will make the big cut in the bulkhead under the v-berth opening.

3/25/00 - I put this project off last summer. I am getting back to it now as I prepare for the season. I have made the floor of the new locker from 1/2" plywood. I need to trim it to fit.

4/19/00 - I made the cut out in the face of the v-berth bulkhead for access to the new locker space. I cut the bulkhead with a jig saw and went through 4 good fine cutting carbon steel blades for about 6 feet of cutting. Fiberglass is brutal on saw blades. Running slower made the blades last longer.

5/15/01 - I put this project on hold last season but got back to it now. The floor has been trimmed and a forward bulkhead has been made from the same 1/2" plywood. It seperates the locker space from the holding tank space. A small forward bulkhead and a bottom for the holding hank space have been made. Some trimming needs to be done and then glass work.

2/2002 - I added some more photos that show the locker project closer to completion. I finished off the locker before selling the boat in the spring of 2002. This space is really big and is a great place to store all sorts of stuff including small children and sails.

Gutted Interior Photo Looking Forward with a good view of the bulkhead that will have the cut-out
OEM tank framing
Tank framing removed (Looking aft). This was taken before I installed the speedo impeller.
I found this thick tube glassed into the bottom of the hull under the water tank pan. It was probably used to move the unfinished hull around in the factory. Now it's a good home for a mouse. I removed it.
To transfer the lines for the cut-out on to the v-berth bulkhead I made a print of the cut-out drawing at full scale. I taped the paper to the bulkhead and marked it through small slots in the paper along the line. Then I connected these marks with a pencil line. I drilled some small holes and fit the jig saw blade in for the cut.
The cut-out is big enough to crawl through. The bottom of the cut-out sits about 2" above the bottom of the new locker floor and about 3" above the cabin floor. The plywood locker floor panel can be seen through the cut-out. I'll trim the cut-out with wood, probably oak because I already have some and this is inside the boat.
At the left side of the cutout the v-berth bulkhead is cored with plywood. The fiberglass panel is not bonded to the plywood. In the photo I jammed a screw driver in to show how it's not bonded. I'll squeeze in some epoxy here.
I layed in a 5" wide and 1/4 to 3/8" thick layer of mat where the the forward bulkhead of the locker would be glassed in.
This photo shows the forward bulkhead of the locker glassed in on top of the 5" wide pad. The bulkhead is made from 1/2" plywood.
This photo shows the forward side of the bulkhead. There is a 1x1" strip pn the front side. That is a support for the base panel that the holding tank sits on.
This shot from the mail cabin gives some idea of the space in the new locker space and the access.
This photo shows the floor panel of the locker in place. I added a screw out deck plate in the floor panel to access the speedo impeller below.