The Trailer

The trailer Pyxis is shown on here was not mine. The new owner brought it with him to take the boat away. All I know is that he got it in Michigan (Grand Rapids I think) and it was made to fit a Catalina 27. He reported that the boat towed very well all the way to Colorado. I think the fit is fair but the aft pads could have been further forward. Ideally they will be even with the aft tip of the keel. That's where the bulkhead is. I think the forward pads should be about one foot ahead of the middle of the window to be under a bulkhead. They are a bit forward of that in the photo. The ladder bar at the front of the trailer was all the way forward but with a little modification it could be moved a little more forward. The other consideration in all this is the tongue weight on the tow hitch. That really needs to be right (boat in the right for/aft position on trailer) and the supports should then be moved to the right places on the boat.

The new owner had a fairly big truck, I think it was a Dodge 3500 with a diesel engine. I would esitimate the weight of the boat on the trailer at close to 7,000 lbs so your not going to tow this with a Honda Civic or even a Ford Explorer. Note that we removed the engine and rudder for the trailer ride. The rudder might get a lot of stress bouncing along on the trailer. It's easy to remove and it was strapped in the back of the truck.

That's all I know about the trailer.


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