Self Tacking Headsail
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Click for PDF drawing This is a concept drawing of a self-tacking headsail configuration I am considering. The plan so far is to install a lateral traveler track ahead of the mast. There will be a single sheet that starts at a padeye on one side, leads through a block on the traveler car, up to a block on the clew, back down to another block on the traveler car, to a block on the other end of the traveler and back to a cabin-top winch. The car will be free to run along the track. You know what happens if the main traveler control line isn't cleated? That's the way this should work.

A jib boom is another option and has some advantages, non of which have to do with room on the foredeck. And the boom would probably be expensive to fabricate. Or maybe it wouldn't. Maybe I could cold mold one. It's something to consider.

I made the drawing a PDF file so it could be zoomed in on to read detail. And it prints pretty well too. It's only about 35K.

At least two Pearson sloops had a self tacking headsail option, the late 1980's P34 and P37-2. Here's a photo and part of a drawing showing the track setup on a 1990 P37-2 for the self tacking headsail.

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