Settee to 1/4 Berth Conversion to add Locker Space
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This is a concept drawing of an interior modification I am considering. Moving the foot of the settee berth aft about 18 inches and shortening it from 80 to 76 inches would make room for a locker at the front. This locker could have large shelves and would be an excellent place to store clothes while cruising. Another posibility is to make it an icebox. With 3" of insulation you could manage a 4 cuft box. There might even be room for a small refridgerator if you wanted. Even without the locker at the forward end the extension has merrit. The space taken from the cockpit locker is not well utilized and the new space would be a great big cubby hole for storage accessable from the cabin.

To extend the berth aft requires cutting out the bulkhead between the main cabin and the starboard sail locker and building new bulkheads and a bottom to enclose the space. The bulkhead between the main cabin and sail locker is non-structural and about 3/16" thick. I would also shorten the berth from 7' to 6' 8" to give the new locker up to 24 inches of width and to keep the berth from extending past the forward end of the sail locker hatch in the cockpit. The battery could be located below the berth extension in about the same place as the OEM setup. A new battery box would need to be built.

The locker would be built from 1/2" plywood and could be faced with teak. It would be easy to build it as an add-in without cutting any of the OEM parts. It would just be bolted on top of the settee bottom. This would allow for restoration of the OEM configuration. The top of the locker could go to the cabin ceiling or stop even with the underside of the side deck providing a small shelf area. This would be a lot like the locker at the front of the starboard berth on the Pearson Ariel which you can see in the photo below. The new locker would have a volume of about 9 cubic feet, a bit more if you include the space taken from the OEM shelf outboard of the settee.

From Pearson Ariel Brochure

P26 Interior Layout Drawing
Interior Photo Looking Aft
Interior Photo Looking Forward
Photo of Settee