Replacing Nav/Stove Table With Locker
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This is a concept drawing of a locker addition I am considering. The locker would take the place of the table space at the aft end of the settee. It would be built of plywood and bolt or screw in place on top of the OEM table with no modifications except removing the fiddles and trimming the panel outboard of the shelf and the shelf fiddle to accommodate. The door of the locker would fold down and double as a tray table. It would have fiddles on it and a block on the shelf fiddle would hold it in place in the tray position. Inside I would have a shelf with a fiddle. The locker volume is about 3.5 cuft as I have drawn it. That's a bit larger then the OEM galley locker. That's a lot of storage space for a boat that is somewhat lacking in that regard. On top of the locker there would be a 16 by 13 inch shelf, that's about 1/2 the size of the OEM table. It would be at a nice height while standing on the cabin floor in the companionway. It's not really big enough for a chart table but there is still the dinette table. I would extend the new locker all the way to the inside of the hull as I did with the galley locker expansion I made.

P26 Interior Layout Drawing
Interior Photo Looking Aft