Man Overboard Pole Tube
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I was sitting in one of the sail lockers making some measurements when it occured to me that it would be pretty easy to glass in a tube to carry a man overboard pole ready to deploy, just like the fancy racers. The tube would take up very little locker space and would be sealed from the interior. As I have concieved of it here it is 2 sizes. The aft portion is six inches diameter for about 2 feet to accomidate the float section of the MOB pole. The forward 4.5 feet would be 3": diameter for the smaller pole with a flag at the top. The tube should tilt up slightly at the forward end to alow water to drain. A line could be connected from the pole to the throwable type IV PFD. When the type IV is thrown the pole will be pulled out of the tube.

I plan to ballast the pole with a battery that powers a light at the top of the pole, either a strobe or a constant light. The light will be turned on when a pin is pulled as the pole is deployed. I may also have an electrical connection so that the battery can be charged from the main on-board system.

P26 Interior Layout Drawing
Locker Under Cockpit