Converting to Internal Halyards
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The original halyard set up on our P26 was external. This page describes the modifications I made to run two halyards and the spinnaker pole topping lift inside the mast.
Haiyard Setup Description
The OEM setup is 2 external halyards (port jib, stbd main). They run over aluminum sheaves at the masthead. The OEM halyards were wire-to-rope. The sheaves can accommodate rope up to 7/16" diameter. I switched over to all rope a few years ago and used 3/8" with no trouble. The sheaves have bronze bushings. I cut slots in the masthead piece under the stbd sheaves to run 2 halyards down inside the mast to exit slots on the port side for the jib and stbd for the main.

Modifying the Masthead Piece
Click for Enlarged Image To run the halyards internally, I cut slots in the masthead piece under the sheaves. The halyards run over the sheaves and down through these slots into the mast. I cut the slots to the full width of the sheave channels in the mast piece. I filed the edges round and polished them to minimize chafing of the halyards. I cut the slots in the stbd side only. I left the port halyard external. This way, if the main halyard fails, I can use the port jib halyard as a backup. I also replaced the factory sheet metal screws with shorter machine screws to avoid any chafing from them.

Halyard Exits
Click for Enlarged Image For exits I cut slots in the mast and rounded the edges. I did not install exit plates. These would have required much larger holes. On a bigger boat with more highly loaded lines exit plates might be beneficial. On our P26 they don't seem necessary and require much larger holes in the mast. I ran the stbd jib halyard to an exit slot on the port side of the mast above the mast mounted winch. The slots for the halyards are 1/2" wide and about 3" long, the toping lift slot is about 3/8" wide and 2" long. The photo here shows the exits for the 1/4" topping lift line and the 3/8" stbd jib halyard on the port side of the mast. I ran the topping lift into the mast with a Harken 287 exit block. The other white with blue line is the port jib halyard. I would have liked to use a different color (to tell it from the other jib halyard) but when you get 100' of spectra core line for $33 you don't complain about the color (I got it at a benefit auction).

Mast Wiring Harness
Click for Enlarged Image I had to be sure the wiring in the mast was clear of the halyards. The harness is mounted to a track on the aft side of the mast. There are 2 tracks and I used the port side to help keep the harness clear of the main halyard on the stbd side (see the page on Re-Wiring the Mast for a description of the mast wiring). At the middle of the mast wires come out of the harness for the steaming and foredeck lights. I fashioned metal tubes to cover these wires from fuel line tubing I got at an auto parts store. The tubing has a flare in the end that keeps it from fitting all the way into the mast. This material may not be well suited to a salt environment but I think it will be OK for me on lake Erie.

Other Considerations
I had previously replaced the sheet metal mounting screws on the mast hardware with machine screws into tapped holes. For the parts the halyards run past (steaming light, foredeck light) I cut the machine screws so that they do not extending into the mast more then one thread.


Metalmast Marine ...Makers of the OEM P26 mast

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