Ice Box Under Cockpit
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This is a concept drawing of a built in ice box that extends under the cockpit. As drawn the ice box has 4.2 cuft with 1.5 inches on foam. That's probably not enough but that's what I drew. The box could easially extend further aft to add volume. This configuration makes the step a bit higher so I added another small step. I don't know if it would be necesary or good. This would no longer be possible with this ice box. Every time I consider this or other ice box projects I make a few drawings and think about it for a while. I always seem to decide that I am better off with a big cooler slid under the cockpit. Sometimes I flip the step up out of the way and stand at the very aft end of the cabin. I can just peak over the hatch and it's easy to get at the sink. I don't think I want to give that up for this cooler.

I have a variation on this idea with the cooler being a big drawer that pulls out for access. Click for a drawing...

Cooler Drawer
Companionway Step and how I store my cooler on Pyxis
P26 Interior Layout Drawing
Interior Photo Looking Aft
Small Igloo Cooler under oem step