Installing an Internal Fuel Tank
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The OEM fuel storage on the P26 comes in two varieties. Begining with the 1975 model year there was "cubby hole" type space on the starboard side at the aft end of the cockpit. A tube runs from the cubby to the engine well for the fuel hose. The cubby is sized to fit a metal 6 gallon OMC gas can. Before 1975 the gas can was stored in the cockpit locker on a shelf.

The space under the cockpit is large enough to accomidate a fixed fuel tank. Tempo makes at least two tanks that could be fit in the space. The filler cap would be in the floor of the cockpit. I would install an OMC type fitting in the engine well to attach a fuel hose that leads to the engine.

Tempo Fuel Tank Dimensions
Side TP12T TP18D
W 14" 11 3/4"
H 13 1/2" 13 3/4"
L 20" 17 3/4"
Height includes 1 3/4" filler neck
Tempo web site

A view of the engine well and fuel storage
Another view of the engine well and fuel storage
Pre 1975 cockpit and engine well.
Changes to engine well in '75
Space under the cockpit
The fuel tank would go where the jack is in this photo of the cockpit floor delamination repair I made.
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Engine Well and OEM Fuel Storage