A P26 Owners Forum?

I am often asked about starting a forum for P26 owners to communicate and exchange info. This could be in the form of an on-line bulletin board or an email list that owners would subscribe to. Here's my take on groups...

There is a very active Pearson owners email list on Google Groups. Many are P26 owners, many are former P26 owners. And many are owners of other Persons that have a great deal in common with the P26 in terms of construction issues and parts issues. By creating a separate and dedicated P26 group the connection with all of those other people with input of value to P26 owners is lost. If someone on the P26 group needed a hinge for the cockpit locker and no one on the list knew where to get one that would be it. But that hinge is common to just about every Pearson made between 1966 and 1984. You're a lot more likely to get a hit on the question in the larger group. Same goes for rub rails, window frames, deck hardware and on and on. You will be cut off from a much larger resource by being isolated. It is bad enough to limit the discussion to just Pearsons. Most threads on the list could just as well be about any sailboat. The Catalina list at Sailnet splintered into model specific lists. The result is that people cross post the messages to the different lists. What's the point then? I think people would be best served by joining the Google Pearson Group where they will have contact with a lot of P26 owners, former owners, and owners of many other Pearsons that share so many traits with the 26.

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