Cover and PVC Frame
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These photos show the PVC cover frame I built in the fall of '96. The frame is all 3/4" schedule 40 PVC and there are no metal fasteners used. The frame is attached to the T-track with 3-way PVC connectors that I slotted to fit the track. They slide on the track like a car and were easy to make with a hacksaw and a dremel tool with a sanding head. The longest lateral bow is 154". All of the bows that are longer then 10' were spliced together by inserting a 10" slotted 1/2" PVC section. The slot allows it to squeeze into the 3/4" PVC for a snug fit. The longitudinal sections are short pieces connected to the bows with 4-way PVC connectors that I reemed out with the dremel to slide over the bows. (See the Maintenance Log for 11/27/96 - 12/7/96)

PVC Cover Frame

T-Track "Car"

From the Bow

PVC Cover Frame

Covered Up

Under Cover

Covered up for '98-'99

Ready to cover '99-'00

Rubrail clamp to attach tarp

All photos by Dan Pfeiffer