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This is a listing of the boating related books on my shelves with some commentary on what I think of them. These are my opinions. Get the books and see for yourself what you think of them. -DHP
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Aird, Forbes 1996 Fiberglass and Composite Materials, HP Books
A how to book for working with fiberglass.
ISBN 1-55788-239-8,   LOC # 95-25236,   Cat # TA455.P55A34 1996

Baader, Juan 1974 The Sailing Yacht (2nd Ed), Adlard Coles Ltd.
Thorough book with sections on design, stability, performance, rating rules, racing, and more. Good discussions of rating rules circa 1974. Translated from German.
ISBN 0 393-03220-5

Beiser, Arthur 1966 The Proper Yacht, The MacMillan company
A nice book describing many design considerations with many examples, line drawings and photos. Pre-dates the IOR rule.
LOC # 66-18763

Beiser, Arthur 1978 The Proper Yacht 2nd Ed, International Marine
The second edition of The Proper Yacht has updated text and looks at a whole new set of example yachts with excellent photos and drawings.
ISBN 0-87742-096-3,   LOC # 77-85406

Bingham, Fred P. 1993 Boat Joinery & Cabinetmaking Simplified, International Marine
Step-by-step joinery and general boat carpentry. There are several chapters on tools and technique as well as details on various methods of cabinetmaking for boats. The application goes well beyond just boat work to general carpentry. This is a good introductory text with plenty of detail for the more advanced.
ISBN 0-87742-354-7,   LOC # 93-2392,   Cat # VM331.B585 1993

Brewer, Ted 1994 Understanding Boat Design 4th Ed, International Marine
A great book to start learning about boat design.
ISBN 0-87742-392-X,   LOC # 93-28302,   Cat # VM321.B77 1994

Bruce, Peter 1999 Adlard Coles' Heavy Weather Sailing, 30th Anniversary Ed., International Marine
An update of a classic text on heavy weather techniques. The 30th anniversary edition includes excellent discussion of boat design for heavy weather and the effects of large breaking waves on various design types. There are also several first hand accounts of heavy weather with analysis of techniques used.
ISBN 0-07-135323-2

Chapelle, Howard I. 1936 Yacht Designing and Planning, WW Norton and Company
I found this book at a used book sale. A fascinating look at the state of the art in 1936. Tucked inside was what looks to be a photo of the previous owner's boat, a handsome looking vintage wooden ketch. The shadow of the photographer (owner?) can be seen at the bottom. I guess a book can have a history just like a boat.

Collier, Everett 2001 A Boat Owners Guide to Corrosion, International Marine
This is so new I haven't had much time with it yet. It is a detailed discussion of corrosion in the marine environment. It covers all types of metal used in boats and all types of corrosion in great detail. There is also discussion on prevention including bonding, proper electrical system configuration, coatings, and material choice. There is extensive background information on the chemical and electrical processes of corrosion.
ISBN 0-07-155019-4,   LOC # 00-033488,   Cat # VM951.C585 2000

Donaldson, Sven 1990 Understanding the New Sailing Technology, G. P. Puntam's Sons
An excellent overview of new (circa 1990) technology used in sailboat design and construction. Clear and concise descriptions with examples of applications.
ISBN 0-399-13506-5,   LOC # 89-10341,   Cat # VM331.D66 1990

Gerr, David 1992 The Nature of Boats, International Marine
Lots of great info on all aspects of boat design written in a way anyone can understand and enjoy. A lot of design processes are demystified by Gerr.
ISBN 0-87742-289-3,   LOC # 92-10623,   Cat # GV775.G47 1992

Gerr, David 2000 Boat Strength, International Marine
Details on the strength of materials used in boat building and how to calculate strength requirements for various applications. The book covers fiberglass, wood and metal construction.
ISBN 0-07-023159-1,   LOC # 99-28949,   Cat # VM321.G44 1999

Gibbs & Cox, Inc , 1960 Marine Design Manual for Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics , McGraw Hill
If you thought builders didn't understand fiberglass boat design in the 1960's this book may change your mind. Incredibly detailed guide to fiberglass construction. Do you want to know the holding power of a #10 self tapping screw in a 3/8" thick lay-up of mat or the section modulus for 25-27oz woven roving hat stiffeners? This is your guide.
LOC # 60-7732

Gougeon 1985 The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction 4th Ed., Gougeon Bros. Inc
Lots of useful info on boat construction with epoxy. Mostly about wood construction but there are lots of areas of crossover to fiberglass.
ISBN 0-87812-166-8,   LOC # 79-84319

Gougeon,Meade and Tyrus Knoy 1973 Sailboat Design Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Collier Books
Interesting discussion of the development of sailboat design. Lots of great background.
ISBN 0-02-001400-7,   LOC # 74-8837,   Cat # VM351.G68 1974

Graves, Garth 1998 Boatowner's Weekend Woodworking, International Marine
Nice introductory book with info on wood species, tools, and step-by-step details on several projects like teak grating and louvered panels. Also info on repairs, joining wood to fiberglass and finishes. Nice illustrations.
ISBN 0-07-024696-3,   LOC # 98-19876,   Cat # VM322.G73 1998

Gustafson, Chuck 1991 How to Buy the Best Used Sailboat, Hearst Marine Books
This is an excellent book full of good info for the first time boat buyer. I found it immensely useful when I was looking. It will help you choose the boat that best suites your sailing needs.

Henderson, Richard 1991 Understanding Rigs and Rigging, McGraw Hill
A great guide to rigging of all sorts.

Henry, Robert G. and Richard T. Miller 1965 Sailing Yacht Design, Cornell Maritime Press
State of the art yacht design circa 1965. The authors were with Sparkman & Stevens and the forward in the book is from Olin Stephens.
LOC # 65-18207

Johnson, Peter 1971 Yachtsman's Guide to the Rating Rule, Nautical Publishing Co.
A bit dated now but this book has lots of great info on how measurements are made on boats for the IOR rating circa 1971. There is also a good discussion of the evolution of rating rules to that date.
LOC # 76-168729

Larsson, Lars and Rolf Eliasson 1994 Principles of Yacht Design, McGraw Hill
A textbook on yacht design. The authors explain all the aspects of the process and guide you through their decision making process for a 40 footer they designed.
ISBN 0-07-036492-3

Marchaj, C.A. 1996 Seaworthiness: The Forgotten Factor, Adlard Coles Nautical / Tiller
Incredibly detailed analysis of boat dynamics and the effects of design on seaworthiness. Very technical.
ISBN 1-888671-09-2

Marshall, Roger 1986 A Sailors Guide to Production Sailboats, Hearst Marine Books
There is some good general info on choosing the type of boat that best suites your needs and specifications on a lot of boats that were in production in 1986.
ISBN 0-688-05842-6,   LOC # 86-224,   Cat # VM351.M365 1986

Mate, Ferenc 1983 From a Bare Hull - How to Build a Sailboat, W.W. Norton & Company
This is a guide to fitting out a boat from a bare hull. There are chapters on hull types, interior planning, tools, finding materials, tools, etc. The book covers a lot and has a sort of anti-establishment attitude (finding materials in dumpsters…). Lots of interesting ideas. A little dated on things like electrical systems. And I would remove just about every mention of polyester resin and replace it with epoxy.
ISBN 0-07-044248-7,   LOC # 93-40779,   Cat # VM321.M78 1994

Mustin, Henry C. 1994 Surveying Fiberglass Sailboats, International Marine
A guide to surveying with excellent illustrations and photos. This is a shorter more direct book then Ian Nicholson's "Surveying Small Craft". I found it a better place to start and an easier read with more, and better illustrations.
ISBN 0-07-044248-7,   LOC # 93-40779,   Cat # VM321.M78 1994

Nicholson, Ian 1982 Yacht Designers Sketchbook, Nautical Books
Lots of info on design details.
ISBN 0-333-33070-6

Nicholson, Ian 1994 Surveying Small Craft, Sheridan House
A detailed book about surveying all sorts of small boats. Lots of basic info on design and construction and how to spot and evaluate problems. It could use more illustrations and there is sometimes a lot of talk about who should pay for certain repairs. While this certainly has relevance to the overall subject it distracts a bit from the technical discussion.
ISBN 0-924486-78-3,   LOC # 94-35443,   Cat # VM321.N49 1995

Nicholson, Ian 1995 Boat Data Book, Sheridan House
Basic data and tables on materials, spars and rigging, fastenings, design, and more. Lots of useful info.

Schock, Edson L. 1964 How to Build Small Boats, A. S. Barnes & Co.
Discussion of construction details and 12 complete small boat plans.

Skene, Norman L. S.B. 1948 Elements of Yacht Design - 6th Ed, Dodd, Mead & Company, Inc.
This is a classic text on yacht design. It has details on all aspects of design but in 1948 composite construction meant wood and metal.
ISBN 0-07-064840-9,   LOC # 97-20479,   Cat # VM5321.T66 1997

Smith, Hervey Garrett 1965 Boat Carpentry, 2nd Ed., DoddVan Nostrand Reinhold Company
An update of a 1955 edition. Wood hasn't changed much since then? There are new glues and paints these days but the basic understanding of wood species and building methods remains. Lots of nice details and methods here. Learn the right way to scribe a bulkhead template.
ISBN 0-442-37784-3,   LOC # 65-26467

Technical Committee of the Cruising Club of America, John Rousmaniere Ed 1987 Desirable and Undesirable Characteristics of Offshore Yachts, W.W. Norton & Company
Written after the Fasten '79 race disaster. This book examines what makes a boat seaworthy. Interesting reading and a good beginning guide I think. You do need some knowledge going in but if you have a lot you may find it a bit lacking in technical detail.
ISBN 0-393-03311-2

Thornton, A.T. 1984 The Offshore Yacht, Adlard Coles Ltd
Lots of info on boat design and the effects on boat behavior at sea. Also has a fairly long discussion of handicapping and the IOR in particular.
ISBN 0-229-11681-7,   Cat # VM331

Toss, Brian 1997 The Complete Riggers Apprentice, International Marine
After spending 30 minutes with this book I knew I had made a good purchase. After 1hr I wondered how I managed without it. Full of useful info and techniques with easy to follow explanations and excellent diagrams. I just wish there were more on self tacking headsail rigs.
ISBN 0-07-064840-9,   LOC # 97-20479,   Cat # VM5321.T66 1997


Alexander, Caroline 1999 The Endurance - Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition, Alfred A. Knoph
A gripping account of the Shackleton Antarctic expedition of 1914-16. Excellent photographs. I almost read this book in one sitting. Think you have it hard? Read this book and stop being a sissy.
ISBN 0-357-40403-1,   LOC # 98-87214

Carrick, John G. and Richard Henderson 1983 John G. Alden and his Yacht Designs, International Marine
A finely done book documenting the many wonderful designs of John Alden. Lots of photos and line drawings and a complete list of Aldens designs by number.
ISBN 0-87742-089-0,   LOC # 77-85407,   Cat # VM331.C297 1983

Chapelle, Howard I. 1935 The History of American Sailing Ships, Bonanza Books
This book is full of detail on the design of American sail from Colonial sloops to "new" designs like Olin Stephens Dorade. Chapelle was the expert on American sail.

Chapelle, Howard I. 1960 The National Watercraft Collection, United States National Museum Bulletin
This is a listing with (photos and description) of the holdings at the Smithsonian Institution's Watercraft Collection as of 1960. There is also a lot of supplemental historic material and photos. Howard Chapelle was the curator of transportation at the time.

Chapelle, Howard I. 1967 The Search for Speed under Sail 1700-1855, WW Norton and Company
I have a first edition of this wonderful book with fold out line drawings of many of the ships. This is a very interesting and detailed book documenting the development of fast sailing ships.
LOC # 67-11090

Giggal, Kenneth 1994 Classic Sailing Ships, Longmeadow Press
Beautiful paintings and detailed history of many of the most famous sailing ships of the past 500 years.
ISBN 0-681-21881-9

Greenhill, Basil 1988 The Merchant Schooners, 2nd Ed, Naval Institute Press
A history of schooners English schooners from 1870 to 1940. Descriptions of design, construction and operation. Lots of illustrations.
ISBN 0-87021 - 427-6,   LOC # 87-63032

Junger, Sebastian 1997 The Perfect Storm, WW Norton and Company
A gripping true story of the worst storm in 100 years to hit the fishing fleet off the Grand Banks. Junger wasn't there but he interviewed just about everyone who was, or at least who survived. At times he takes a bit of license supposing what might have happened to the boats and people who were lost - no one really knows of course.
ISBN 0-393-04016-X,   LOC # 96-42412,   Cat # QC945.J66 1997

Manry, Robert 1966 Tinkerbelle, Harper and Row
In 1965 Robert Manry sailed his 13-1/2 foot Tinkerbelle form Falmouth, MA to Falmouth, England. His wonderful book describes, in detail, his planning, preparation and voyage. Manry was one of the first (if not the first) to write about his experience with hallucinations while alone on the sea for 78 days.
LOC # 66-15735

Spurr, Daniel 2000 Heart of Glass: Fiberglass boats and the men who made them, International Marine
A thorough history of fiberglass boat building. Interviews with the people who were designing and building the boats and discussion about the development of technology. The book has a lot of magazine like features such as frequent sidebars. This and Spur's writing style made it a bit fatiguing to read but the content is so interesting it overcomes these issues.
ISBN 0-07-157983-4,   LOC # 99-045736,   Cat # VM321.D36 1999

Whipple, A. B. C. 1980 The Clipper Ships, Time Life Books
Part of the Time-Life Seafarers series. A history of clipper ships. Nice illustrations and construction descriptions.

Whipple, A. B. C. 1980 Fighting Sail, Time Life Books
Part of the Time-Life Seafarers series. A history of fighting sailing ships.

Whipple, A. B. C. 1980 The Racing Yachts, Time Life Books
Part of the Time-Life Seafarers series. A wonderful history of big time yacht racing with great illustrations and photos.

Worsley, F.A. 1977 (193?) Shackleton's Boat Journey, WW Norton and Company
Frank Worsley was the captain of the Endurance, Sir Ernest Shackleton's ship for his attempt at a trans Antarctic crossing in 1914. The Endurance was trapped and eventually crushed by the pack ice in the Weddell Sea. This book is a first hand account of the small boat voyage from the ice to Elephant Island and from there to South Georgia Island, 800 miles across the southern ocean. A truly remarkable feat of seamanship. Originally published in the 1930's.
ISBN 0-393-31864-8,   LOC # 76-53808,   Cat # G850.1914.W63 1977


Bauer, Bruce 1995 The Sextant Handbook, McGraw Hill
If you have a sextant or want one this is a great book to have.
ISBN 0-07-005219-0,   LOC # 92-2545,   Cat # VK583.B38 1992

Bowditch, Nathanial 1995 The American Practical Navigator, Defense Mapping Agency
The standard reference book for navigators. I also have an older edition which is nice for the older methods that are dropped in the newer test.

Budlong, John P. 1977 Shoreline and Sextant, Van Nostrand Reinhold
An interesting book on coastal navigation techniques.
ISBN 0-442-21928-8,   LOC # 76-52451,   Cat # VK559.B854 1977

Calder, Nigel 2003 How to Read a Nautical Chart, International Marine
Like all of Nigel Calder's books this one is superb. This is a replacement/supplement to Chart #1 and a lot more. Calder studied thoroughly to prepare this book. The sections on chart making and accuracy are excellent and would make good supplements in my cartography class. Calders writing style is crystal clear and easy to grasp.
ISBN 0-07-137615-1

Cline, Duane A. 1984 Navigation in the Age of Discovery, Montfleury, Inc.
If you ever wondered how navigators managed without GPS, Loran, radar, proper charts, or even a sextant, this is a good book to get an idea. We truly are sissies by comparison with our reliance on electronic aids.
ISBN 0-9627213-0-1,   LOC # 90-91870

Dixon, Conrad 1979 Navigation by Pocket Calculator, Charles Scribner's Sons
Lots of useful algorithms for solving navigation problems with the aid of a calculator. Examples are for algebraic machines. Formulas are given with solution examples throughout.
ISBN 0 229 11618 3

Eyges, Leonard 1989 The Practical Pilot: Coastal Navigation by Eye, Intuition and Common Sense, International Marine
This is a real gem of a book, full of great ideas. The chapter on circles of position alone makes this book worth having.
ISBN 0-87742-969-3,   LOC # 88-31338,   Cat # VK559.E94 1989

Fisher, Dennis 1995 Latitude Hooks and Azimuth Rings, International Marine
A very interesting book describing how to build traditional navigation tools. Lots of fun.
ISBN 0-07-021120-5,   LOC # 94-37164,   Cat # VK573.F56 1994

Hart, M. R. 1970 How to Navigate Today, Cornell Maritime Press
A wonderful little book that seems to cover so much. This was the fifth edition of this book since 1943. I also have the 6th edition from 1986 as updated by Leonard Gray. Mary Hart is a sort of legend in navigation instruction. Her common sense approach to navigation is evident throughout the book.
ISBN 0-87033-035-7,   LOC # 68-23169

Keys, Gerry 1984 Practical Navigation by Calculator, Stanford Maritime
A great source book for algorithms and methods for solving navigation calculations with a scientific calculator. I have referred to it for many of the
navigation programs I have written for my HP41 calculator.
ISBN 0-540-07308-3,   Cat # VK584.C

Naval Training Command, The 1977 Navigation, David McKay Company, Inc.
US Navy textbook on navigation.
ISBN 0-679-50775-2,   LOC # 77-78058

Shufeldt, H.H. and G.d. Dunlap 1991 Piloting and Dead Reckoning, Naval Institute Press
A nice navigation textbook with lots of clear examples.
ISBN 0-87021-664-3,   LOC # 90-21712,   Cat # VK555.S54 1991

Shufeldt, H.H. and Kenneth E. Newcomer 1980 The Calculator Afloat, Naval Institute Press
A very interesting book on the use of calculators for solving all sorts of navigation problems and other boat problems. One of the authors (Newcomer) was the principle developer of the Hewlett Packard HP-41 Navigation ROM. This is one of the best ROMs HP ever made for the 41. [HP41 Programs] Out of print but Amazon.com found me a copy.
ISBN 0-87021-116-1,   LOC # 80-81091,   Cat # VK587.S48 1980

Sobel, Dava and William J. H. Andrewes 1998 Longitude (Illustrated), Walker and Company
An excellent account of 18th century clockmaker John Harrison's quest to build a truly functional marine timepiece. If you know anything about celestial navigation you know how important an accurate timepiece is. If you don't, read this book and you'll understand. The illustrated edition of this book followed the first by 3 years. It is filled with fascinating photos and drawings of Harrison's amazing clocks and many other illustrations that tell the story of navigation in the 18th century.
ISBN 0-8027-1344-0,   LOC # 98-19858,   Cat # QB225.S63 1998

US Coast Guard Auxiliary, 1990 Advanced Coastal Navigation, US Coast Guard Auxiliary
An excellent text book on coastal navigation.
ISBN 0-930028-0-5,   LOC # 86-51655

Williams, J. E. D. 1992 From Sails to Satellites, Oxford University Press
An excellent history of navigation. Did you know Mercator's projection was a graphical solution to a calculus problem devised 100 years before Lebnitz and Newton?
ISBN 0-19-856387-6,   LOC # 92-8456,   Cat # VK549.W55


Banks, Bruce and Dick Kenny 1979 Looking at Sails, Sail Books, Inc.
A nice book on sails and sail trim with nice illustrations. Great for beginners.
ISBN 0-914814-21-4

Garrett, Ross 1996 The Symmetry of Sailing: The Physics of Sailing for Yachtsmen, Sheridan House
An excellent book on sailboat theory addressing the issues in two sections. The first is basic and the second advanced with lots of math. The explanations are remarkably easy to follow.
ISBN 1-57409-000-3,   LOC # 94-46519,   Cat # VK543.G37 1996

Letcher, John S. Jr 1974 Self-Steering for Sailing Craft, International Marine
A guide book to self steering systems on small boats. Lots of theory (with math!) and applications. Letcher is a PhD in aeronautics and applied math and has tested the applications in the book on offshore passages including some to Hawaii.
ISBN 0-87742-042-4,   LOC # 74-81711

Marchaj, C.A. 1964 Sailing Theory and Practice, Dodd, Mead & Company
The original work by marchaj. It may be a bit dated but I would put Marchaj's 1964 understanding up against most peoples 1999 understanding of sailboat aero-hydrodynamics any day.
LOC # 64-13694

Marshall, Roger 1979 Designed to Win, WW Norton and Company
Lots of info on setting your boat up for racing. From deck layout to galley layout.
ISBN 0-393-03229-9,   LOC # 79-24406,   Cat # VM331.M37

Marshall, Roger 1980 Race to Win, WW Norton and Company
Lots of info on setting your boat up for racing. From deck layout to galley layout. In the same vein as "Designed to Win".
ISBN 0-393-03236-1,   LOC # 79-24284,   Cat # GV826.5.M37 1980

Ross, Wallace 1984 Sail Power, Alfred A. Knoff
Lots of useful info on sail trim and handling presented in an easy to follow manner with great illustrations.
ISBN 0-394-72715-0,   LOC # 84-47838,   Cat # VM532.R66 1984

Watts, Alan 1967 Wind and sailing Boats, Quadrange Books
A very detailed analysis of the interaction of wind with a sail boat. The level of detail is amazing.
LOC # 67-17253

Woas, Lee 1982 Self-Steering Without a Windvane, Seven Seas Press
The subtitle of this book is "A Comprehensive Manual of Natural and Sheet-To-Tiller Steering Systems for Sailboats" and that's exactly what it is. An excellent guide with lots of illustrations and tips. Out of print but well worth searching for. Amazon.com found me a copy.
ISBN 0-915160-52-8,   LOC # 82-10565,   Cat # VM845.W6 1982


Coles, Adlard 1967 Heavy Weather Sailing, John De Graff, INC.
The original edition of Coles seminal work. A fascinating read with detailed accounts of encounters with rough weather without a drop of hyperbole or boastfulness. The lessons still stand today.
LOC # 68-26061

Coote, Jack H. 1992 Total Loss, Cornell Maritime Press
An excellent collection of first-hand accounts of losses of boats at sea. The lessons learned are discussed in detail.
ISBN 0-924486-33-3,   LOC # 92-6609,   Cat # GV812.T67 1992

Henderson, Richard 1987 Sailing in Windy Weather, International Marine
A nice concise guide to windy weather techniques.
ISBN 0-87742-235-4,   LOC # 87-22652,   Cat # GV811.5.H468 1988

Herreshoff, Halsey (Ed) 1989 The sailors Handbook, Little, Brown and Company
Lots of general safety info and more on boat handling, seamanship, navigation, and weather. And it's on water resistant paper.
ISBN 0-316-54693-3,   LOC # 82-083810

Huck, Michael V. 1995 Lightning and Boats - A Manual of Safety, Seaworthy Publications
This book has some problems. In the intro Huck says, "In Florida over 200 people die each year from lightning strikes." This is incorrect. NOAA stats show 73 annual deaths nationwide. He also claims lightning dissipation devices help protect boats. Credible studies (IEEE, NOAA, NASA) have found no improvements in lightning protection. The book seems to be a bit heavy on problem facts and unsubstantiated claims.
ISBN 0-9639566-0-4,   Cat # VK200.H83 1995

Rousmaniere, John (2000, 1980) Fastnet Force 10, W.W. Norton & Company
An engrossing account of the 1979 Fastnet race in the Western Approaches of Great Britain. A force 10 gale blew through the fleet causing knockdowns, capsizes, sinkings and death. John Rousmaniere was there and describes the events with objectivity and respect. The event of this race lead to several reports on the safety and seaworthiness of racing yachts including the CCA report, "Desirable and Undesirable Characteristics of Offshore Yachts".
ISBN 0-393-30865-0,   LOC # 80-12760,   Cat # GV832.R68 1980

Rousmaniere, John 1999 The Annapolis Book of Seamanship, Simon & Schuster
This is as good a general sailing manual as you will find. Clear writing and excellent illustrations.
ISBN 0-684-85420-1,   LOC # 99-21737,   Cat # GV811.5.R68 1999

Trimmer, Captain John W. 1993 How to Avoid Huge Ships, Cornell Maritime Press
An excellent guide to huge ships. It explains the maneuvering and visibility limitations that make huge ships things to be avoided.
ISBN 0-87033-433-6,   LOC # 92-39049,   Cat # VK371.T74 1992

Watts, Alan 1994 The Weather Handbook, Sheridan House
A nice, well organized guide book on weather.
ISBN 0-924486-76-7,   Cat # QC981.W33 1994


Tobiasson, Bruce O., P.E. and Ronald C. Kollmeyer, Ph.D. 1991 Marinas and Small Craft Harbors, Van Nostrand Reinhold
An in depth text on design considerations for small boat marinas.
ISBN 0-442-00233-5,   LOC # 91-14287,   Cat # TC328.T63 1991

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